Burning cards is an important activity in the game. Cards are burned to get silver and crystals which are used to make cubes ( for 3ds ) or for guilds ( to upgrade ). You get the crystals depending on what element out of 8 in the game was assigned to the card when they dropped. Players also burn cards which they do not need.

Burn a Card

You can burn a card to get rewards like crystals and silver. The amount of reward depends on the gen of the card. Lower the gen, greater the rewards.


  • Command sburn
  • Alias sb
  • Usage sburn [cardcode]

The card code is optional here and if not provided, the code of the last card you have grabbed will be used.

Burn Card

Massburn Cards

When you need to burn multiple cards, you can use massburn. Massburn can be used with various filters like wishlist, gen, and tags. Be careful with what filters you use and what cards are shown in preview before you go ahead.

For example - smb wl<10 gen>1000, smb t=ut


  • Command smultiburn
  • Alias smb
  • Usage smb <filter>

Massburn Card

Massburn or Burn cant be reversed