• Versions are an alternate image for a 2D card for more cosmetic freedom.
  • The main thing required to create an alternate Version of a card is a Version Token. This item is for a specific character and a specific version as shown in its image when obtained. Use svt command to view your token collection (Tokens are not actual cards and the version image is viewd by using slu <CharacterName> command).
Version Card Version Token
  • These version items can be acquired through drops and version chests.
  • All owned version items can be seen in svt.

To view the versions of a character, refer the Lookup Guide.

Applying a Version

To apply a version on a card you need the version item, a normal card of the same character and a varying amount of elixir.

  • With everything in hand you can use the command sfuse and select the versions option in the dropdown arrow.
  • Press the “Base Card” button to give the card code of a normal card that is to receive the version image.
  • Then with the “Version Token” button you give the version code from the version token of the same character as shown in svt.
Fuse Card Version - Start Fuse Card Version - Final

When changing the version of a card, the only thing that changes is the card’s image. Everything else about the card stays the same such as gen, stats and cosmetics.

Submit Card

  • Creating new characters, 3ds and gifs can only be done by Sofi staff, however, anyone can submit versions for existing characters. Have a look at the version image guidelines in #2D-INFO before trying to make one.

  • Using ssubmitcard you can submit a version of an existing character, that version would then be an extra image for cosmetic purposes.

  • The full usage of ssubmitcard is ssc <card id> [card type] <image link> <image source>.

Card ID

Every character has its own unique ID, this ID can always be found when using scl on a character.

Card ID

Card Type

There are two types available in ssc to non-official staff, 2D and event, the event usage can only be used by the temporary event team. For a normal version you will always just use “2D” in the card type area.

Image Link

For the Image link you need the finished image as a discord image link, to do this, simply send the image somewhere on discord. After the image has been sent right click or long press the image, you will then get the option to Copy Link, you can then use that link as the image link necessary to submit the version

Image Link

Image Source

Image source is used to source back to the original image as proof that it is official art. This is always in the form of a link and some sort of note as context or timestamp. Anything after the Image link will count as the source notes so don’t be afraid of spaces.

Finished Submission

After you have done everything, your command line should look like this: ssc e57d9761-8f53-4edc-b892-10df6a4a1648 2d when using the full command successfully, an embed will appear as confirmation of the image and the character name. Once you have confirmed the submission, it will be sent to #⁠🎴・version-logs where it will be pending approval

You will receive 3 wists for every approved version.

Submission Rules

  • You cannot have 2 versions pending of the same character, wait for the one version to be approved or denied before doing the next of that character. You can still having multiple versions pending of different characters. (This rule does not apply for Card Team)
  • For characters in the top 200 wl, one person can only have 2 approved versions for that character. You can see the wishlist leaderboard using swlb.