A guild is an organized group of Sofi players (Adventurers) that regularly play together.

Guild Roles

There are 4 roles in a guild -

  • [F]ounder
  • [G]uildmaster
  • [V]eteran
  • [R]ookie

Uses and permissions

  • [F]ounders have all of the permissions
  • [G]randmasters have all the permissions except the ability to delete the guild.
  • [V]eteran and [R]ookie do not have any special permissions at the moment.
Choose whom to promote very carefully.

Level up your guild

Guilds are Level 1 by default, they require Guild XP to level up. The Guild can recieve guild XP through:

  • Dailies give 100 Guild XP.
  • Votes give 200 Guild XP.
  • Bumps give 10 Guild XP.
  • End of Raid Results give a varying amount.

To upgrade your guild, you need to use the command sgi and then select Guild Upgrade option from the menu given below.

Upgrade Guild Member Slot

Guild Members

Initially all guilds will have 15 slots, which can later be upgraded to 40 with silvers. There is no guild level requirement to upgrade member slots.

  • 0-15 - Free
  • 16-20 - 100,000 emoji
  • 21-25 - 250,000 emoji
  • 26-30 - 500,000 emoji
  • 31-40 - 1,000,000 emoji

Guilds Donations and Vaults

  • Donations are important and necessary for upgrading your guild, unlocking features and abilities which benefits all members of the guild.

    Donation is voluntary for guild members. It doesnt give any rewards. However, Your Guild founder or Guildmasters can assign rewards for donations on their own.

  • Vaults or your guild treasury, is where all your guilds donation gets stored.

To upgrade or unlock features related to your guild, the guild founder or the guild master can use it to upgrade the guild features.

  • Only [F]ounders & [G]randmasters has withdraw permissions.

  • Wists and silvers cant be withdrawn. Withdraw logs are visible to the entire guild.

Therefore, the players are requested to join only trusted guilds or promote only trusted players to the G position, as there is a slight chance that the players might get scammed by your guild founder/master. Rest assured, there are vault logs for everytime someone donates/withdraws upto an extent.

You can no longer deposit crystals to the vault, however you can withdraw it.

Withdraw logs are visible to the entire guild.

Vault Logs
Wists and silvers cant be withdrawn.

Guild Image

  • Guild Images are of dimensions 500px x 150px
  • A guild image may look like:
Guild Image

Guild Banner

  • Guild Banners are completely free, and the dimensions of the banner is 500px x 500px.
  • Guild banners are simply custom banners for your guild with a simple layout that looks like:
Guild Banner

Server Invite

  • When you proceed to check your guild information page, if you had bought the server invite feature, your guild name will have a hyperlink, that will redirect anyone that touches the link, to your server.
  • You can post your advertisements or recruitments on #🤝・guild-ads (opens in a new tab)
  • Once you had unlocked your server invite feature, your guild information page would look like:
Guild Server Invite

Boost Cards

  • You can boost element to get extra benefits in raids.
  • Elemental boost only works in raids and can boost only one stat like Attack/Defense/Speed/HP at a time. Your guild founder/master can choose which stat they want to boost. They can change the stat if needed.
  • To boost any element you need the same type of crystal, i.e. To boost Wind element you need Wind Crystal.

Cost for elemental boost:

  • Level 1 - 5000 Crystals
  • Level 2 - 7500 Crystals
  • Level 3 - 10000 Crystals
  • Level 4 - 15000 Crystals
  • Level 5 - 20000 Crystals
  • Level 6 - 30000 Crystals
  • Level 7 - 40000 Crystals
  • Level 8 - 50000 Crystals
  • Level 9 - 75000 Crystals
  • Level 10 - 100000 Crystals
Guild Boost

The maximum boost for Attack/Defense/Speed is 10% and for HP it is 20%. Each level gives 1% boost to Attack/Defense/Speed and for HP its 2%.

Guild Season

Guilds will be ranked based on the combined points from the raids. Guild season lasts one month.

Rank distribution in a season:

  • #1 : emoji Ruby
  • #2-4: emoji Diamond
  • #5-10 : emoji Platinum
  • #11-20 : emoji Gold
  • #21-50 : emoji Silver
  • #51+ : emoji Bronze

Elemental Chart

This chart tells you about the various elemental weaknesses and strengths.

Elemental Chart