Glow Tags

Glow Tags

Create a Glow Tag

  • Command sglowtagcreate
  • Alias sgtc
  • Usage sglowtagcreate <tagname> <emoji>
Only discord default emojis are allowed.
Glow Tag Create

Tag a Glow

  • Command sglowtag
  • Alias sgt
  • Usage sglowtag <tagname> <glowcode>
Tag Glows

Multiple glows can be tagged together by adding space between the codes i.e.

  • Command: sglowtag <tagname> <code1> <code2>
Multiple Tag Glows

Untag a Glow

  • Command sglowuntag
  • Alias sgut
  • Usage sglowuntag <cardcode>
Untag Glow

Unlike cards, multiple glows can’t be untagged together. You have to untag them one by one.

List of Tags

  • Command sglowtaglist
  • Alias sgtl
  • Usage sglowtaglist [id]

The id is optional, it can be a user mention or their discord id. If you don’t provide it, it will show the list of tags you have. Else, it will show the list of tags of the user with that id.

Glow Tag List

Delete a Glow Tag

  • Command sdeleteglowtag
  • Alias sdgt
  • Usage sdeleteglowtag <tagname>
Glow Tag Delete