Server Setup

  • Sofi would work automatically upon being added to the server as long as the default roles for the categories or individual channels allow it.

  • The two important permissions being: Send Messages and View Channel.

  • Both are required for Sofi to work however only giving View Channel permission can be good where Sofi is not needed while keeping the messages that can be used to activate an activity drop.

  • You can also use sprefix <new prefix> to set a custom prefix for your server, however you will then have to translate all the commands to that.

  • If at any point you forget what it was switched to, the slash command /serverinfo will show the prefix for the server at the bottom.

Activity Drops

  • You need to select a channel where activity drops will spawn in, if not selected, no activity drops will spawn in the server.
  • The channel can be set using the ssetspawn command.

Server Permissions

  • Permissions work between a Blacklist and a Whitelist, a Blacklist being the commands that cannot be used in the channel and a Whitelist being the only commands that can be used in the channel.

  • When a channel has a blacklist it cannot have a whitelist until reset, same for the other way around.

  • The full command usage is: spermission <Whitelist/Blacklist/Reset> <Add/Remove/All> <command(s)>

  • Using the Add usage will simply add the command(s) to the selected list, Remove will do its namesake instead.

  • Using either Add or Remove on the wrong list will result in an error message.