You can send a trade request to someone using smultitrade, however both people need to have an active Trade Pass.

You obtain a trade pass by spending Bump Points.

Once the trade is active, you can type in a new message what you want to trade, here are the items with special formats:

Card Code<card-code>zoroo
Frame<frame-name>/$<frame-code>Overlord / $2beb9
Equipment<amount> <rarity> <type>2 Silver Sword

All Items not listed can be traded using <amount> <item>.

  • In the trade itself you will be asked to lock your half of the trade, doing so will prevent any other thing to be added.
  • Once both users have pressed the lock button it will change to a checkmark, once both users have clicked the checkmark the trade will be completed.

You can type in multiple items into the trade by using a comma as a separator. For Example: mhhgn5, 1413 Silvers, $3a0c7.

Always double check a code before verifying the trade.


  • Command - smultitrade
  • Alias - smt
  • Usage - smultitrade <@mention/id>