There are many ways in which the font of a 2D card can be manipulated. Using sfont <card code> gives you the option to remove the text, change the color of the text or change the font of the text.

Removing Text

  • The first row of buttons in the sfont menu gives the option to selectively remove parts of the text that show on the card, alternatively the “Toggle All” button on the third row can be used to remove all text.
  • Each part of the text can be removed for 1000 Silvers emoji and 3000 Silvers emoji for all.
Remove Text

Coloring Text

  • The second row of buttons in the menu gives the option to selectively change the color of each part of the text of a card.
  • Coloration of each part costs 50 Gems 💎 and 150 Gems 💎 for all.
Color Text
Although it asks for a glow, the charge of the glow will not be used.

Changing Font

The dropdown arrow in the menu gives option to a wide range of fonts to use for the card, changing to any font costs 200 Gems 💎.

Change Font
Any changes need to be confirmed using the “Save” button to take effect.