Glows are a premium cosmetic in sofi that provides a blurred glow around the card of your choice. It works on all cards except GIFs. To use a glow you will either have to unlock a glow or use someones glow selling services which can be found in Sofi Cafe and other sofi playing servers.

  • To use a glow after the first time, you will need recharge it using an item.
  • A Recharge emoji costs 65 emoji and therefore a glow can be recharged infinitely to use.

You can view anybody’s glows on the website or use the command svg <@user/id> to view them on discord itself.


  • Command - sglow
  • Alias - sglo
  • Usage - sglow [cardcode] [glowcode]

Currently Sofi has 2 types of glows:

Normal Glow

These come in as a single color variant generated randomly. They can only be used using sglow command.


Card with no Glow


Card with Glow

Unlock Glow

It costs 100 💎 to unlock a single glow.


  • Command - sunlockglow
  • Alias - sug
  • Usage - sunlockglow

Rename Glow

You can rename any glow for 20 emoji

Character Limit: 25.


  • Command - sglowname
  • Aliases - sgn, sgloname
  • Usage - sglowname [glowcode] [newname]

Undo Glow

Remove glow from the card.


  • Command - sundoglow
  • Alias - sung
  • Usage - sundoglow <cardcode>

Super Glow

Superglows are when you merge two glows, the two colors will create a gradient as well as appear alot brighter.

  • To make a superglow you need emoji, you can burn 4 normal available glows using smergeglow for 1 emoji.

  • You need 2 emoji for a base superglow in which then you still need the 2 available glows that you are going to merge, you can do that with ssuperglow.

  • That would mean a superglow needs at least 1000 💎 to be made.

Superglows require 4 emoji to be recharged.


Card with no Super Glow


Card with Super Glow


  • Command - ssuperglow
  • Alias - ssg
  • Usage - ssuperglow [glowcode1] [glowcode2]

Merge Glow

Merge the glows to receive resins.


  • Command - smergeglow
  • Alias - smg
  • Usage - smergeglow [glowcode1] [glowcode2] [glowcode3] [glowcode4]