Monochrome 2023

Monochrome 2023

Event cards have dropper priority like normal cards but Onigiri do not have dropper priority or grab cooldown.

Event Cards

  • These cards are now unobtainable meaning no new cards from this event can be generated.

  • Event 2D cards can not be converted into 3D now.

  • Genless cards from this event can be scratched now on the (opens in a new tab).

  • To check if your favorite characters had event 2D/3D, go to the Event section (opens in a new tab) of the website.

    The cards from the event can be sorted in your collection using the filters mentioned below:

    • Filter: event=mon23 or event:mon23
    • Short: ev=mon23 or ev:mon23
    • Usage: sc ev=mon23


A total of 8 Monochrome exclusive backgrounds were introduced:-

You can view these backgrounds on (opens in a new tab).


A total of 6 Monochrome exclusive frames were introduced:-

You can view these frames on (opens in a new tab).


There were two special badges introduced in this event which could be obtained by completing all the tasks shown in the event command sevent.

  • Monochrome 2023
  • Pro Monochrome 2023

These badges can be portrayed in user profile by configuring them in your profile using the sprofileconfig command.