Unlike Currencies, Items are typically single-use with a dedicated purpose. All active items here will only have a brief description, for more details on that item, follow the link of that item’s Related Categories.

Extra Grabs/Drops

Using either an Extra Grab emoji or Extra Drop emoji lets you skip the cooldown of the respective command. These can be bought using sbuy <number> <grab/drop>.

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An extra grab will still be consumed even if you lose the card to another user.

XP Sack

XP Sacks emoji give a random amount of XP with higher values having a lower chance of appearing. Those values are: 10k/20k/50k/100k/250k/500k.

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Swaps emoji are used to exchange cosmetics between two cards.

Some cosmetics like event morphs and event fonts cannot be swapped.

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Gen Scratchers

Gen Scratchers 💳 are used to reveal the gen of a genless card, a shortcut to the scratching website can be found when using sci on a genless card and will automatically select the card that was used.

Otherwise you can go to the website directly.

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Guild Stone

Guild Stones emoji are used to create a new guild. You can buy a guild stone using sbuy gs and use one to create a new guild using sguildcreate.

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Recharges emoji are used to recharge a previously used glow, you can buy a recharge using sbuy recharge for 65 Gems 💎 and then recharge the glow using srecharge.

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Stat Reset

Stat Resets 🌀 are used to refund all used upgrade points to then redistribute.

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Resins emoji are used to create a superglow. The 2 Resins used come from smergeglow where 4 available glows are essentially burned for a single resin.

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Equipments ⚒️ are a set of 4 items with 4 different rarities of each with some special versions, these equipment involve types of Armor, Shield, Boots and Sword with rarities of each; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Mithril and Event exclusives. These equipment give different stats and have different durabilities.

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Event Items

Some items are exclusively acquired from events, however things like an event font do not count as it is not an item but already applied to a card.

Noir Essence

Noir Essence emoji was an Exclusive item from the Monochrome 2023 Event. This was used to get one of two event morphs. Namely “Manga” or “Sobel”.

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Legacy Items

Legacy Items are items that can no longer be used as the function it was tied to was removed for whatever reason.

Elemental Swap

Guilds used to have an element assigned to it. Using an Elemental Swap ♻️ would change the card’s element to that of the guild you are a member of.


  • Guilds used to be Player Vs Player, a guild would have a defense team comprised of cards throughout the entire guild.
  • When a card would get 5 starred (defeated) it would become injured where it would have to go through a cooldown to when it could be used again. A Revive 🧪 would skip this cooldown.

Deposit/Output Boost

  • Guilds used to have an Elixir Miner.
  • This miner would mine for elixir and send it to its storage from which a certain percentage could then be deposited into the guild vault at a long cooldown.
  • The Output Boost ⚙️ would increase how much Elixir emoji were to be sent to its storage.
  • The Deposit Boost 🧲 would increase the percentage of Elixir that can be deposited into the guild vault.