Pulling is essentially a gacha, it’s the only way to get fragments for GIF cards.

You can pull using either spull 1 or spull 10. The difference in them is how many times you actually pull as shown by the number. Pulling can cost either 💎 or emoji, with the rate changing daily to a random number between their ranges, those ranges are 5-9 emoji and 40-80 💎

spull 10 gives the tenth pull for free.

The chances of the following items recieving are:

  • Equipments: 5%
  • Charms: 11%
  • Silvers: 10%
  • Cubes: 25%
  • Shards: 15%
  • Frames: 6%
  • Backgrounds: 6%
  • Fragments: 10%
  • Swap Tokens: 8%
  • Xp Sacks: 4%

Fragments can only get pulled if there is an available GIF card, and the type of all the frames rewarded are “Official”.