Gen Scratcher

Gen Scratcher

All event cards start out without a Gen, you need to scratch the card to get the gen. The card will be given a non-repeating gen based on how many cards were dropped of that character during the respective event.

Each card can only be scratched once.

You can obtain a Gen Scratcher through the following ways mentioned below:

  • sbuy gen for 100 Gems 💎.
  • Claiming one through bumps using 60 bump points.
  • During an ongoing event you can buy it with event currency using sbuy gen command.
  • Some additional methods may be available at random special prices for other currency at any given time.

When using event currency to redeem a Gen Scratcher, the currency used has to be related to an event. You cannot redeem a Gen Scratcher using Roses 🌹 in a Halloween Event.

How to scratch the Gen?

  • You can use the Gen Scratcher after the event is over.
  • Type sci <card code> and click on the button Show Gen given below or you can also go the Scratch Gen page directly.
  • Enter the code and scratch the card to reveal the gen.

Scratch Gen