Morphs are essentially a color filter over your card, it can be used to make your card unique in one way or another. The morph could add a small tint or could invert the colors, the possibilities are endless.

You can reroll for a random Morph on your card for 350 emoji using smorph. It may seem cheap but the cost to find a good morph for your card can stack up very quickly.

Morphs react differently to 2D's and 3D's:

  • On 2D's only the frame or the type color will be changed.
  • On 3D's the entire base card will change.

Special Morphs

  • Special morphs are morphs that have some extra tricks or make the card look entirely different.
  • Most special morphs can be rolled normally but Event ones require a specific currency that can only be bought during its event.
  • Most Special morphs can be identified when it changes the whole card on a 2D






  • Command - smorph
  • Alias - sm
  • Usage - smorph [cardcode]

Undo Morph

You can undo a morph using sundomorph for 100 emoji if you changed your mind.


  • Command - sundomorph
  • Alias - sum
  • Usage - sundomorph <cardcode>