Card Tags

Card Tags

Card tags are a convenient way to sort your cards where they have nothing in common. You can also use the lock to protect the cards in a specific tag.

Create Tag

  • You can create a new tag by using stagcreate command.
  • The emoji used has to be a Discord default one.
  • Symbols and special characters cannot be used as a tag name there are also some reserved words, the following message will appear if the tag name is not useable:
Tag Create Error
  • When that happens, find a synonym to replace it.
  • You can also use staglist to see all the tags you have made.
  • The same emoji can be used for different tags, however, the tag name must always be unique from others.


  • Command stagcreate
  • Alias stc
  • Usage stagcreate <tagname> <emoji>
Tag Create


  • You can tag any you own card using stag command.
  • If you want to tag multiple cards using their codes, you can list all the codes after the tag name with spaces in between.
Tag Cards

There is also the option to masstag, when using a filter, a new button will appear.

Masstag Cards

Pressing the button will give you a form where you can type in the name of the tag you want to tag all the cards with.

Masstag Cards Form
Masstagging will tag every card in the menu. Not just those on the current page.


You can lock any tag in staglist by using the dropdown menu and selecting all the tags you want to lock. This lock will prevent the card from being accidentally traded, burned or massburned.

Tag Locking

If you want to unlock a tag you select it in the menu again.


You can view all cards that are under a tag using sc t=<tagname>. You can also use the tagemoji to search.

Sorting Cards


  • Command stag
  • Alias st
  • Usage stag <tagname> [cardcode]

The card code is optional here and if not provided, the code of the last card you have grabbed will be used.



  • Command suntag
  • Alias sut
  • Usage suntag <cardcode>
Untag Card

Multiple cards can be untagged together by adding space between the codes i.e.

  • Command suntag <code1> <code2>
Multiple Untag Cards


It spawns the list of all the tags of a user.


  • Command staglist
  • Alias stl
  • Usage staglist [ID]

The ID is optional, it can be a user mention or their discord ID. If you don’t provide it, it will show the list of tags you have. Else, it will show the list of tags of the user with that ID.

Tag List

Tag Update

You can update your tag’s name and emoji.


  • Command stagupdate
  • Alias stu
  • Usage stagupdate <tagname>

Choose either name or emoji depending on what you want to update. After that, send the new name or emoji and the tag will be updated.

Delete Tag

Deletes the tag permanently.


  • Command stagdelete
  • Alias std
  • Usage stagdelete <tagname>
Tag Delete

This does not burn or remove the tagged cards from your collection but will remove the tag from the cards. So if you delete the tag, you need to recreate the tag and tag all those cards again.