Burning cards are important to getting certain currencies in the game, namely Silvers emoji and Cubes emoji.

Burning a Card

You can burn an individual card using sburn. The burn rewards depend on the gen. The lower the gen the higher the rewards.



  • Command sburn
  • Alias sb
  • Usage sburn [cardcode]

The card code is optional here and if not provided, the code of the last card you have grabbed will be used.

Massburn Cards

  • When you need to burn more than a few cards, you can use the massburn feature, it can be used with filters like Wishlist, Gen and Tags. For example - smb wl<10, smb gen>1000 & smb t=ut.
  • Be careful with what filters you use and make sure that it only shows the cards that you intend to burn in the preview that is provided before you turn on the incinerator.

The massburn command is a very dangerous tool to use, if not used with caution you run the risk of burning cards that you did not intend to. It is highly recommended to only use a tag with it.

Mass Burn


  • Command smultiburn
  • Alias smb
  • Usage smb <filter>
Both burn and massburn cannot be reversed.