Tasks and Quests

Tasks and Quests

Tasks and quests are used to keep the player engaged in the game. Tasks being more active and Quests being more passive.


Tasks are random objectives to complete for task points, task rewards and the end of month reward. There are Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks to complete. Task points are given for each individual task, not the completion of all.

Task Points

Task points are used for the end of month reward, once you reach the 1000 point threshold you will receive either the Monthly Frame or 2500 Cubes emoji at the end of said month.

  • Daily Tasks give 2 Points each ( On Completion )
  • Weekly Tasks give 7 Points each ( On Completion )
  • Monthly Tasks give 20 Points ( Each Vote )

Task Rewards and Rotation

Every task gives a small reward on completion, tasks are also randomly selected from a pool every time it resets.

Those Tasks and their respective rewards are:

TaskDaily Rewards (Max Active 4)Weekly Rewards (Max Active 6)Monthly Rewards (Max Active 1)
Drop 5 Times100 Silvers emoji
Bump 1 Time50 Silvers emoji
Morph 1 Time50 Silvers emoji
Burn 3 Cards100 Silvers emoji
Raid 20 Times300 Shards emoji
Finish 15 Quests1 XP Sack emoji
Bump 15 Times200 Silvers emoji
Drop 100 Times200 Silvers emoji
Burn 60 Times200 Silvers emoji
Score 15k or more in a single Raid400 Shards emoji
Vote 50 Times100 Silvers emoji


Quests are timed objectives with a varying amount of checkpoints to complete giving a varying amount of rewards consisting of Shards emoji, Silvers emoji, XP Sacks emoji and a guaranteed amount of XP to the cards used.

Success Rate

The success rate is determined by 5 factors:

  • Base - The Base success rate is simply a random percentage between 0% and 30%
  • Guild - There is a boost in the Guilds feature which gives an additional 1-10% to success rate depending on the boost’s level
  • Level - This takes the average level of your deck. For example, the levels 70|80|90 will average 80 which gives 8%
  • Element - Every quest will have 1 or 2 elements to match, if matched you will be rewarded with a 5% success rate. Any one of the cards could match to give the boost
  • Stat - Every quest will have a selected stat to determine the capability of the deck. The higher the capability the higher the boost.

The element for the quest has to be matched with the card in the deck, not what the quest element is weak against. Earth Cards for Earth quests will give the element boost. Metal Cards for Earth quests will not give a boost.


The rewards given depend on the quest and will show the minimum and maximum rewards of shards and silvers. Minimum being where every checkpoint failed and maximum where every checkpoint was passed. All Shard and Silver rewards are shown when putting in the deck for a specific quest as well as the guaranteed xp amount.

Every Successful Checkpoint gives:

  • 250 Shards
  • 100 Silvers

Every Failed Checkpoint gives:

  • 50 Shards
  • 20 Silvers

The different lengths of quests have a varying amount of checkpoints:

52 Hours Quests
84 Hours Quests
116 Hours Quests
138 Hours Quests

The rewards are then influenced by two factors: Quest Reward Boost & Base Modifier.

  • In the Guilds function there is a boost which gives 1%-10% more quest rewards based on the boost level.
  • Depending on the Base success rate the rewards are then further influenced by 1%-30%. If the Base modifier is at 1% then the full 30% boost to rewards are given. This means that lower base chance quests give more rewards at the risk of a lower success rate.

The success rate as shown is rolled on every checkpoint. If successful, the last checkpoint has the chance to reward you with XP Sacks.

Upon completing Final Quest emoji at 100% completion, you receive the following rewards:

2 Hours1-2 XP Sacks emoji
4 Hours2-4 XP Sacks emoji
6 Hours3-5 XP Sacks emoji
8 Hours4-7 XP Sacks emoji
Quests - 1