Global Raid

Global Raid

Global raids are used to gain XP for your deck and guild and also to earn Elixir emoji. Participate in raids with your guild and dominate.

  • To start a raid you first need to setup a suitable card deck.

  • Member can attack a monster at anytime during the raid.

  • A Raid will stay active for 3 hours. A new one will start after it ends. If the boss is defeated early, it will respawn 10 seconds later at full health.

  • All users can participate in raids. Users have to use the command sglobalraid to participate in the active raid.

  • A raider will have 60 seconds in each round to select move and attack the monster. If you’re unable to do it you’ll miss your chance and the monster will attack you.

  • If one of your card in deck has more speed than the current master you’re raiding, you’ll be considered faster and have the chance to attack the monster first.

    If you have any questions or need any help regarding the raids, you can visit the #🌐・guild-and-raid-review/Raid Help forum in the support server.


  • Command - sglobalraid
  • Alias - sgr
  • Usage - sglobalraid

Using this command will take the current state of the deck. To take effect of any changes made to the deck will require a new Global Raid menu i.e. use this command again.

Global Raid
After using the command, you need to press the Start Raid button to start the raid.
Global Raid 2

Mock Raid

The Mock Raid is useful to test out your cards against a boss without taking a risk to test it during an actual raid You can start a mock raid at anytime.

Mock Raids give no rewards whatsoever.


  • Command - smockraid
  • Alias - smr
  • Usage - smockraid <Element> <1/2/3>
  No Number = Normal
  1 = ATK
  2 = DEF
  3 = SPD

Raid Boss

When doing a raid, you will be faced with an enemy who you need to deal as much damage to as you possibly can.

Anomalies and Growth

There are 4 different anomaly types that can affect the course of the raid.

AnomalyAttack GrowthDefense GrowthSpeed Base

Growth happens when damage is done but will always happen to the attack stat even if no damage is done. The more damage done the more the boss will grow.

The type of move that caused the damage also influences that growth; “Impact” is listed as least impact to most impact: Attack < Miscellaneous / Healing < Debuff < Defense.

Attack moves being the least impactful and Defense moves being the most impactful at the same amount of damage done.

Special Attacks

After the first turn there is a chance for a Boss to use a Special Attack, these attacks have some sort of trick similar to a card’s moves rather than just a normal attack. This attack will always be signaled the turn before it is used.

  • Acid Rain: Your cards are drenched in a solution that melts their defenses by 30% each turn for this turn and the next 2 turns. Any healing removes this and prevents the defense loss on the turn used.
  • Bulwark: A single card is hit for weak damage. In addition, boss gains 50 defense.
  • Critical Hit: A single card is hit for strong damage.
  • Elegant Parry: A single card is hit for either extreme damage or regular damage depending on if an attack category move is used or not.
  • Exhaustion: A single card is hit for weak damage that reduces their attack by 20%.
  • Future Sight: A single card is hit for weak damage that repeats again 2 rounds later.
  • Infestation: A single card is hit for weak damage that repeats every turn until healing is received.
  • Monstrosity: A single card is hit for regular damage & boss is immune to damage. True damage will bypass the boss’ immunity.
  • Radiance: Splash attack that hits the entire deck for weak damage.
  • Reflect: A single card is hit for weak damage. In addition, the boss reflects half damage taken from this turn’s move to the same card.
  • True Damage: Ignores defense and deals damage to a single card equal to 150 + 10% of the boss’s attack + 20% of the boss’s defense.
  • Spirit Flare: Deck is either hit for moderate damage or weak damage depending on if a defense category move is used or not. spirit flare added to special attacks.


Challenges are an interactive Special Attack that only happens after turn 10 and will have a higher chance of happening the more turns pass after that. These Special Attacks have a hit chance depending on the targeted card’s stats based on the response used.

Those response are:

  • Brace: Defense
  • Dodge: Speed
  • Jump: Speed
  • Parry: Attack
  • Kick: Boots equipped
  • Raise Shield: Shield equipped

Challenge Moves:

  • Buster Assault: A single card is reduced to 10% maximum health. Prioritizes the tankiest card.
  • Guillotine: A single card is defeated immediately if hit. Prioritizes the strongest attacker.
  • Speed Trap: A single card is dealt 100 true damage & speed is reduced by 65. Prioritizes the speediest card.
  • Curse of Knowledge: Deck is punished by losing control of it’s next action.


AP (Action Points) Are a type of measure, which is responsible to receive an extra turn

The card with the highest speed in your deck will decide who gets the first turn if its speed is higher than the Boss The subsequent two cards with lower speed, will be determining the Rate of AP gain for your deck. Every time your deck exceeds 20 AP, your deck gets an extra turn, consuming 20 AP.

Raid Rewards

Upon completing a raid. You have a chance at obtaining loot in the form of items and/or equipment.

  • Items:

    • Swap emoji
    • Stat Reset 🌀
    • XP Sack emoji
  • Equipments:

    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Mithril


You can view all the conditions by using the smoves command within Discord itself and then tap on the Conditions button given below.

Raid Scoring

Individual Raid Scoring depends on:

  • Moves Used (Max 6000 score)
  • Damage to the monster
  • Healing Done
  • Survival Bonus (Snapshot upon 1 card death)
  • Defense Factor
  • Damage Bonus

Guild Scoring:

Member Top ScorePoints

Raid Prize Distribution

RankShards emojiElixir emoji
Every Raid gives 100 Elixir & 50 Shards.
These Rewards are deposited directly into users inventories.

An additional 10 elixir will be earned by all participants for every time the boss is defeated during an interval.

Elemental Chart

This chart tells you about the various elemental weaknesses and strengths.

Elemental Chart