• Auctions are used by Sofi to sell unclaimed card codes as well as valuable cards from blacklisted players.
  • The currency used in these Auctions are Charms emoji.
  • These auctions are used exclusively by Sofi and you cannot ask for something to be auctioned there.
  • All active auctions can be viewed using sauctioninfo and the Auction ID can be added at the end of that command to view a specific Auction.
Auction Info

Card Codes

  • Card codes that spell out a name, item or have some meaning can be bought in a true auction sense, that being; the highest bid wins the code.

  • Those who got outbid and lost the code will receive back all the charms that they previously bid but the winner will not get their Charms emoji back.

Bid Bid Amount After Bid

If you were to get outbid during the auction, Sofi will send a direct message to notify you of the change.

After Bid


  • Valuable cards from blacklisted players can also be found in the Auctions, however the way to get them works similarly to a raffle, where the more Charms emoji you use the higher your chances are to win the card, so there is no guarantee that you will get the card even if you use the most Charms emoji.
  • The Auction Info also shows your chance of winning if the auction where to end at that moment

Any Charms emoji used in this type of Auction will not be returned even if you lose that Auction.

Bid Bid Amount After Bid
  • Every Auction would last 5 days and there would typically be 2 Code Auctions and 3 Card Auctions happening at the same time.
  • New Auctions would start when those initial auctions end.