In the market, you either sell Wists emoji for Gems 💎 or buy Wists emoji with Gems 💎.


  • Command - smarket
  • Usage - smarket

Market List

  • To make a listing you would use smarketlist, when using that command, the first value you put in is the number of emoji you are selling, the second number is the worth in 💎 for every emoji.
  • That would mean: sml 10 9 will create a listing of 10 emoji with a total worth of 90 💎.
A listing needs a minimum of 10 wists.


  • Command - smarketlist
  • Alias - sml
  • Usage - smarketlist <wist> <rate>

Doing at a rate that is incredibly high will be considered as hiding or storing wists, you will be warned.

Market Buy

  • To buy a listing you can do smarketbuy, with the code of the listing you can also by a partial amount of it by then specifying how many emoji you are buying.
  • For example: Doing smarketbuy <deal code> you can buy the whole listing, but by doing smarketbuy <deal code> <amount> you can specify how many you want to buy.


  • Command - smarketbuy
  • Alias - smbuy, sdealbuy, smp
  • Usage - smarketbuy <deal id>

Market Unlist

You can unlist a deal using smarketunlist at any time, in the place of the deal code you can also input all.


  • Command - smarketunlist
  • Alias - smul
  • Usage - smarketunlist <dealid>

All listings and payments will round up to the nearest gems, when the math gives a value of 9.1 💎 it will be 10 💎.