• Gen is the number that is a random number that is given to a card when it is dropped, made or scratched.

  • For normal cards it is between 1-2000, for Event cards it is between 1 and how many event cards there are of the character.

  • For GIF cards it is between 1-100.

  • The lower the gen the more desirable it is, Gen 1 being the absolute best.

  • Gen is also important for how much burn rewards you get, the lower the gen the higher the rewards.

Classification of Gen

Over the years a few terms were coined by the community and have since been widely used as a definite classification of gen ranges for value and rarity purposes.

Normal Gen is split into four major categories:

Single GenG1 - G9
Low GenG10 - G99
Mid GenG100 - G999
High GenG1000 - G2000

There is no official classification of cards based on Gen. The given classification is done by the community.

Card Value based on Gen

  • Throughout all of Sofi, lower gen cards are a lot more desirable than those of higher gen and although there are ways to calculate a card’s value, for lower gens it can only be determined by stipulation and past trades.

  • There is no Official price guide as market rates are not stable.

  • It is advised to take offers or set up an auction for low gen high wishlist cards as no one would be able to predict its value.