Spring 2024

Spring 2024

  • The event was hosted from 20 March 2024 to 08 April 2024.

  • The main event currency was Tulip 🌷 which was obtainable from Drops, Event Tasks, Votes and Bumps.

  • A total of 635,410 2D and 17,341 3D Spring Cards were claimed by users.

  • Gens of more than 20,011 cards were revealed using gen scratchers within 2 hours.

  • Special event badges were given to the users after the completion of all the event tasks.

  • The users could also participate in a lottery every hour for a special Sofi Spring 3D and 1000 emoji for 10 🌷.

  • A special chest named Tulip Chest was introduced in the event which could be bought during the event for 500 Gems 💎 to get 3 guaranteed Spring 2D cards and also get a chance to get a Pikachu GIF.

  • A special Tulip Leaderboard was made for the friends, lovers and admirers.

  • Top 2D collectors were - @haseo_cz, @piasu, @aerten., @furkat, @zvarrii, @doomvillian, @sleepyfawkes, @cat_clan, @phiguzheng, @vesperia..

  • Top 3D collectors were - @abuabuabuabuabu, @masquerade7, @poison.prince, @haseo_cz, @cinderspawn, @phiguzheng, @fabian7_., @spartanconnor, @patssyy, @promighty.

Event cards have dropper priority like normal cards but Tulips do not have dropper priority or grab cooldown.

Event Cards

  • These cards are now unobtainable meaning no new cards from this event can be generated.

  • Event 2D cards can not be converted into 3D now.

  • Genless cards from this event can be scratched now on the sofi.gg.

  • To check if your favorite characters had event 2D/3D, go to the Event section of the website.

    The cards from the event can be sorted in your collection using the filters mentioned below:

    • Filter: event=spr24 or event:spr24
    • Short: ev=spr24 or ev:spr24
    • Usage: sc ev=spr24


A total of 10 Spring exclusive backgrounds were introduced:-

You can view these backgrounds on sofi.gg.


A total of 4 Spring exclusive frames were introduced:-

You can view these frames on sofi.gg.

Profile Backgrounds

A total of 5 Spring exclusive profile backgrounds were introduced:-

You can view these profile backgrounds on sofi.gg.


There were two special badges introduced in this event which could be obtained by completing all the tasks shown in the event command sevent.

  • Spring 2024
  • Pro Spring 2024

These badges can be portrayed in user profile by configuring them in your profile using the sprofileconfig command.