To celebrate various occasions, SOFI hosts events based on International Festivals like Halloween, Valentine's, etc.

This guide will brief you on how these events work in detail of each event.

  • The command to check ongoing event is sevent.

Even with the variety of events being hosted by SOFI, the following are the things that are common in all of them:


In all the events, there are special cards that can only be obtained during the event. These cards can be divided into the usual two types:


These are special event 2Ds that can only be dropped during the event.

These 2D cards can be found in event chests too.


These are special event 3Ds that can be obtained by turning a normal or event 2D card into event 3D card during the event.

Event cards don't have a gen when they are obtained by grabbing or turning into 3D. To reveal their gen, a special item (Gen Scratcher) is needed which leads us to our next section.


It is a Lucky Draw which you can join with event currency. It restarts every hour and the winner gets a random SOFI event 2D card.

Good luck winning it!


A raffle is hosted every event in which you can enter with event currency and at the end of the event 100 winners are rolled.

The more currency you use to enter, the more is your chance to win.

The 100 winners get a SOFI event 3D card.