Sometimes Sofi would have an event of limited cards based around a day, season, or basic theme.

  • You can see details of an active event using sevent command.

Although functions in these events may change from one event to another, these are the various things you may see during an event.

Even with the variety of events being hosted by SOFI, the following are the things that are common in all of them:


During an event you can “gift” event currency to a person using sgift. The currency does not go to their inventory and will only count towards a leaderboard.


In all Events there are limited cards that can only be obtained during that event.

These cards can be divided into the usual two types:


  • Event 2Ds are that of their character with an image based on the theme of the event.
  • These 2D cards have a chance to be dropped as you would drop any other card during the event.
  • When opening an event chest you would also get 3 random Event 2D cards.


  • These are special event 3Ds that can be obtained by converting a normal 2D to a 3D during the event.
  • Needless to say not all 3Ds will have a 3D event version but, those who have will show its event preview when 3Ding the card.


  • There will be various leaderboards in which players can be on in order to get a GIF card.
  • Those categories include but are not limited to: Gifts Received, Gifts Sent, Event Cards dropped and Raids done.
  • The top people of those leaderboards will then receive an event GIF card.

Event cards don’t have a gen when they are initially obtained. To reveal their gen a special item called a Gen Scratcher is needed.


At the cost of a certain amount of event currency, you can enter a draw for an Event Sofi 2D (a card of Sofi). This Lottery is held every hour over the duration of the event.

Good luck winning it!


A Raffle is a lottery over the whole event with a small twist:

  • The more event currency you contribute to the raffle the higher your chances of winning are.
  • 100 People are rolled in which you get a Sofi Event 3D.


During every event will be a list of challenges you can do to get a limited event badge or two. Challenges are divided up into stages:

  • The first stage will be those challenges as a base.
  • The second stage will be those challenges but with higher values, therefore being more difficult to complete.

A Badge is given if you complete the first stage, then a different badge is given on completion of the second stage.