Users wishlist cards that they want to collect or simply because they like the character. The wishlists of a character is also the main way of determining the value of a card of that character.

  • To view your own wishlist use swishlist
  • To view the wishlist of others use swishlist <UserID/Mention>

This command can be used with a User ID too, this will activate the command without pinging the user. It can also be useful when the user is not even present in the server. For more information about how to get someone’s User ID, please visit the Official Discord Guide

Copy Codes

When using swishlist on another user you can see which characters you have in that user’s wishlist by pressing the “Copy Codes” button, if the button is not shown then you do not have any characters in that user’s wishlist.

Wishlist Wishlist Copy Codes

Add to Wishlist


  • Command - swishlistadd
  • Alias - swa
  • Usage - swa <charactername>

If there is a prompt with a list of different characters, type the number which matches with the character.

Upgrade Wishlist


  • Command - swishlistupgrade
  • Alias - swu
  • Usage - swu [max]
You have 15 slots from the get go which can be upgraded to 50 using silvers and gems.

Remove from Wishlist


  • Command - swishlistremove
  • Alias - swr
  • Usage - swr <charactername>
To remove all the characters from your wishlist, you can use swr full reset.