Dueling is used to test out your deck and various moves. It does not provide XP or rewards. To start a duel you use sduel.

  • To start a raid you first need to setup a suitable card deck.

  • Moves do different things between Raids and Duels, be sure to check the Duels section of smoves.

  • Enabling the Competitive Mode will add a timer to your duel embed. Failure to make a move in the given time frame will result in a skipped turn.

  • Enabling the Equal Duel mode will equalizes the stats of both players with a slight variation of ±10.


  • Command - sduel
  • Alias - spvp
  • Usage - sduel <@user/userid>
Card Duel
You can do duels with Sofi players even if you’re not in the same guild.