Server Setup

Sofi will work automatically upon being added to a server as long as base settings allows it, however, you may want to change a few things to fit your server.

Command Permissions

  • You can turn on and off any and all commands on a specific channel with spermission.
  • It works either with a Blacklist or a Whitelist.
  • A Whitelist is everything that can be used in a specific channel, everything else is not able to be used.
  • A Blacklist is everything that can't be used in that specific channel, everything else is able to be used.
  • You can also use "none" and "all" in place of the commands.

Server Drops

  • You can activate Activity Drops to a specific channel in your server using the ssetspawn command.

Server Permissions

  • With isolating Sofi to a specific server you need to change the Discord permissions for Sofi to fit that system, the only permission that you need to disable in channels where Sofi shouldn't be is "View Channel".
  • Alternatively if you want Sofi to register messages in other server for Activity drops you can just disable "Send Messages".

At any time you can use sserverinfo to see some info about the server settings, the useful ones being where your activity drops go and most importantly what your server prefix is.