• Gen is a number allotted to cards at the time of drop or if the card gets scratched.

  • It can also be defined as the number written beside the G in the collection or Gen: in the sv command.

  • Lower gens cards are rarer than higher gen cards.

  • The amount of crystals or silver you get from burning a card also depends on its gen, i.e. lower gen cards give more crystals & silvers compared to higher gen cards.

Range of Gen

Currently, gen can only be in the range of 1-2000.

Classification of Cards based on Gen.

There is no official classification of cards based on gen. The given classification is done by the community.

Cards are divided in 4 categories based on Gen:

  • Single gen cards (SG) - G1 to G9

  • Low gen cards (LG) - G10 to G99

  • Mid gen cards (MG) - G100 to G999

  • High gen cards (HG) - G1000+

Pricing of Cards based on Gen.

  • Low gen cards are more expensive than mid gen cards & mid gen cards are more expensive than high gen cards.

  • There is no official price chart for cards as market rates are not stable.

  • It is advised to take offers for low gen cards and go with the best one.

  • For pricing help, you can go to the player advice channel of the Official Server (opens in a new tab) and ping the price advisor role.