Card Stats

Card Stats

Every card is generated with random stats, those base stats are extremely important when choosing a card to use for your deck.

The ranges in which they generate are:

  • HP: 190-350
  • ATK: 20-100
  • DEF: 20-100
  • SPD: 20-100

Stat Upgrading

You can increase the stat of a card by using upgrade points. The maximum upgrade points that can be given to is 120, this makes the base stats of a card extremely important even for long term use of it.

Stat Upgrade

Leveling Up Cards

The Level of the card can be important to make it stronger, the current maximum is Level 200.

  • Cards can be levelled up using raid XP and fusing duplicate cards.
  • Each level up gets your card 3 upgrade points and 1 Reroll Scroll 📜.


Fusing can give a great XP boost to a card by sacrificing a card of the same character. This process costs 100 emoji per duplicate card.

Level Up Cards

When fusing, the Gen matters:

  • Gen 1-10 - 130,000 XP
  • Gen 11-30 - 105,000 XP
  • Gen 31-100 - 95,000 XP
  • Gen 101-500 - 80,000 XP
  • Gen 501-1000 - 75,000 XP
  • Gen 1001-2000 - 70,000 XP


All involved cards will receive XP based on their performance in a raid.