Card Moves

Card Moves

Moves are the way cards would affect a battle, the way you use them in conjunction with the stats of the card and other moves are key to a victory.

  • All cards start out with 2 moves, they can unlock more moves as they level up.

  • The levels at which you can unlock more moves are: 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 75 | 100 for up to a maximum of 12 moves.

  • A card can reroll all of its moves once at level 45.

  • A card has 2 moves by default, maximum moves it can unlock by leveling up is 12 moves.

  • You can select any 3 moves to use in deck.

To change the moves of a card you need to go to sstats.

You can check all the card moves using smoves command in Discord itself.


Every move has its own effectiveness. More effectiveness assures more Attack/Defense power. You can roll effectiveness using Reroll Scroll. So choose your cards wisely.

You are able to lock the effectiveness of a card to prevent accidently rerolling it.