Card Deck

Card Deck

  • The first thing you need for raids and duels is a deck. Maximum number of deck you can have is 5.
  • You can set up a deck using sdeck.
  • To set up a deck you need 3 cards. Type sdeck and enter the codes of the cards in the "Code" then press the "Save" button to save it
  • All the cards in deck needs to have unique moves, otherwise you can't use it
Card Deck
  • To check the moves of a card, use the command: sstats / sview.
Card Stats
  • You can also generate a random deck using the Random button.
Random Deck

XP Share

In sdeck you have the option to turn on XP Share, this will prompt you to select up to 5 cards to also recieve XP when doing a raid.

You can select the amount of XP that will be taken from the raid results in the form of a percentage.

To remove the cards you've shared XP to, go to Share XP and type in reset.

Reset XP Share