Types of drops

Drops are mainly divided into two types:

  • User drop
  • Server activity drop

User drop

You can drop a card for free every 8 mins by typing sd and check the cooldown using scd. You can also purchase extra drops using sbuy drop [amount] to drop without cooldown. Using extra drops does not reset your cooldown. Claim the cards by clicking the respective numbered buttons ( 1, 2, 3 ) below them.

User Drop


  • Command sdrop
  • Alias sd

User drop has a special alias called sdn. When using this alias, your drops will have information about the card in text instead of image. The information given will be the name of the character, the series it is from and the card’s gen. It's useful for user's with bad internet connection.

Server activity drop

These drops are based on how active the drop channel is or how actively sofi is being used

Server activity drops can be of three types:

Captcha drop

To claim captcha drops, type the captcha shown below the drop image. It is not case sensitive.

Captcha Drop

Series drop

You will be shown the images of 3 series for 30 seconds and users can vote what series they would want the cards from. The bot will then take the majority voted series and drop 2 cards.+

Series Drop

Minigame drop

1 card drops behind 6 hidden options. Only 1 option has the card.

Minigame Drop